Search Engine Optimization [ SEO ]

Search Engine Optimization is among the most preferred tools that businesses resort to for improving their online visibility. It takes into account the most-searched keywords, preferences of the target audience and the ways in which search engines work.

At ShehzadOnline, Search Engine Optimization helps enhance your online business presence and makes sure that your website is getting maximum exposure through ranking high on search engines. Our Search Engine Optimization team not only increases the traffic of your website but also ensures you are targeting the right audience.

For any marketing campaign, you need to rationalize the expense of marketing with the projected revenue generated from the business. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), our target is to execute a Search Engine Optimization plan well enough to generate revenues many times over. This turns into profit instead of a liability for you. At the same time, it is critical that you understand that in an industry filled with promises of traffic and transactions, you should work with a company that you can trust to provide you with the information you need to track your campaign. We have been providing all our customers with such resources throughout the years and have always been available for help.

In addition to our standard Search Engine Optimization services, we can create a customized optimization plan for any website. We would encourage you to contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and we will develop a plan that complements your overall web marketing strategy

Keyword Research:

The real talent of our expertise is to identify the keywords for the right audiences. The keyword market is the main reference for your customers that they use online finding the result they need. It’s also called the “search language” and a very essential part of optimization process. It’s quite unconventional thinking that one can come up with while trying to define something in appropriate term; we will provide you the knowledge about your customer’s language and then by knowing this phenomenon you can easily incorporate into the best practices of publishing your website.

Competitive Analysis:

The most significant strategy of the online marketing is to keep an eye on your competitors, when it comes to initiate your offers on your website. ShehzadOnline will analyze your rival’s SEO tactics they use to hit their rankings. Knowing the competitor’s online marketing strategy will not only make you aware what is working for them, but also yield internal ideas to boost up your rankings. Our team will take a in-depth research of your online marketplace and help you find chosen keywords that will develop the ideal tactics to reach at the top and remain the same for as long as it can.

Copywriting for Website Optimization:

Today, most online marketers often take the content development or copywriting to be granted while introducing their websites. Hence, it is quite obvious that common people come to websites and get overwhelmed just by reading the exciting offers written creatively. ShehzadOnline offers their clients the Professional Web Development content and we assure you the best content generated by our professional copywriters and layout experts.

Press Release:

In the past, the press releases were only published in print media but now things have changed rapidly. Now, the companies are privileged by the online press communications where your audience can easily be targeted in the message they are interested in. ShehzadOnline work with a variety of companies engaging with different press strategies from SEO support. We will get the necessary keywords into your press releases to make it very attractive to the top search engines.

Local Search Optimization:

People are beginning to turn to the Internet to find companies to serve their needs. Apart from expanding their business globally, it is very important to make it available to everyone locally. Local search engine will provide the geographical map of local business listings with some important contact numbers and locations nearby. ShehzadOnline will optimize your searches that has to be intended locally and that will surely target your consumers.

Global Search Optimization:

Driving highly targeted users to your website from all over the world is no picnic. Many globally focused companies want increased visibility in country specific search engine outside of their local market. Our consultants in ShehzadOnline will advise our clients for creating an optimum Web presence that can do well in international search engines. We will use multilingual SEO strategy and distribute your site’s content globally.

On-Page Optimization

Based on the keywords researched in previous step, we analyze web pages to see if they are fully optimized for the right keywords. The whole purpose of keyword research is to create relevancy on the site for the words that are being searched by visitors in the search engine’s box. Each page has its own set of keywords. We make sure the ‘focus keyword’ for each page is fully optimized whereas the content also has other ‘supporting keywords’ on the page. Main aspects of on-page optimization are as follows;

  • Title, Description & Meta Tags
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Heading Tags (h1-h2)
  • Body Content
  • Search Friendly URLs
  • Image & Hyperlink Optimization
  • Keyword Density
  • Text to Code Ratio
  • XML & HTML Sitemap
  • Robots.txt Optimization

Off-Page Optimization OR Link Building

Link building is an effective way of heightening the popularity of your website. We will assure you by creating relevant links to increase your rankings. Our link building is ethical and we never use black or grey hat tactics. Always remember the fact that information rich content is what every client need and it’s the best way to enhance the prospective of clients and link building is the best way to do so.

We incorporate the following techniques to procure links for your site:

  • Directory submissions
  • Article Syndication
  • Press Releases
  • Link Baiting
  • Guest Posting
  • Social Media
  • Establishing Authority

Basic benefits of Search Engine Optimization:

  • Increased targeted traffic to your website
  • Helps to create & Promote brand identity
  • SEO creates better search engine positioning
  • SEO results in fast measurable ROI
  • Boosts product sales and online visibility
  • SEO brings in free targeted traffic and hence results in low client acquisition costs
  • SEO provides continuous online visibility
  • SEO is the cheapest marketing tool even on the net