Web Site Maintenance Services

Website maintenance is done to protect your website from becoming outdated. ShehzadOnline Website maintenance service is a cost effective way for every business to save their websites from becoming old-fashioned.

Yes, we have got you covered in this department as well! Website maintenance is our main priority for all clients once their business goes live online. Our customers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we have got the resources to cover this part of their business as well.

The sole purpose of website maintenance is to protect your website from becoming outdated. This is a serious mistake that a client can make after all the hard work has been put in the development of the website. An outdated website can quickly put off potential customers and significantly reduce the value of the investment put into your website. However, we also understand that keeping your website’s content current and up to date can often be a struggle for you when you are pre-occupied with the major task of running your business safely and successfully.

At ShehzadOnline, our Website maintenance and retainer service is a cost effective way for every business to access the skills of our talented web design and development professionals. By utilizing our services, you also save yourself from adding a full time webmaster to your payroll. It is a perfect solution for regular updates to your website. It keeps your website content fresh and the best part is that it allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Benefits ofShehzadOnline Website Maintenance and Retainer Services:

  • Up to 35% Off On Our Standard Hourly Rates
  • Priority Scheduling – Most Requests Are Completed Within 24 Hours
  • A Dedicated Account Manager Who Will Be Your Single Point of Contact and Who Will Get To Know You, Your Business and Your Website
  • Keep Your Site Updated With The Latest Information
  • Post Photos of Recent Events, New Products or New Employees
  • Make Seasonal Changes to Keep Your Content Fresh
  • Change or Update New Product or Service Information
  • Update Portfolio Pages to Reflect Your Latest Work
  • Post Special Online-only Coupons or Discounts To Encourage More Website Traffic
  • Keep Your Clients Informed of the Most Current News About Your Business

Monthly plans must be prepaid to start service, following month is auto-renewed unless canceled before the next bill date.